12 Things Your Spouse Needs To Hear Consistently

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Marriage is never easy, but when you are loving apart, it puts a strain on your marriage and you need to become intentional about making things work. Most times, what we say (or don’t say), goes a long way in cementing existing relationships or widening little cracks.

Regardless of what stage your marriage is, and even if you are not living together at the moment, here are 12 things your spouse needs to hear consistently:

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1. “I love you.”

Sometimes we think because we’ve said “I love you” a few times, we don’t need to keep saying it. However, it’s important to let your spouse know on a regular basis that they’re loved and adored and that you want to always be by their side!

2. “I enjoy being with you.”

What a joy it is to hear your spouse say that they really enjoy being with you no matter how long you’ve been together!

3. “Your opinion is important to me/your feelings are important to me.”

It’s so important to one’s self esteem to know that what you think and feel matters to someone else, especially the person you’re closest to.

4. “You look great!

It feels good to know that your spouse is paying attention to how you look. It makes you want to look your best.

5. “I’m so glad I married you.”

When you say this to your spouse, you’re saying, “Out of everyone else in the world I choose you today and always. Our relationship was and is a choice! We choose each other in the good and the bad, in the joys and the sorrows of life.”

6. “What do you want to do?”

It’s important for us to not just assume we know what our spouse wants to do or where they want to go. We need to ask questions and let them respond and possibly sacrifice what we want to do for what the other wants to do. If something is important to your spouse, but not as important to you, learn to give to your spouse in that area.

7. “I can’t wait to be with you.”

This says, “I love being with you and miss you when we are not together. I think about you throughout my day and look forward to being at home with you.”

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