12 Year Old Raped and Forced to Abort

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Where does one even start? The newspapers today reported that a woman and a nurse were arrested while trying to get a 12 year old girl to abort a pregnancy. A pregnant 12 year old caught my attention for sure, but what really blew me away and got me so riled up was how she got pregnant in the first place.

The girl’s name is Favour and she lived with her aunt. Apparently, the aunt’s husband, John Bull, repeatedly raped her until she got pregnant. Now I only have one question:


Where was this aunt when her husband was raping her 12 year old ward?


Has this world completely lost it? How can a woman not know that her husband is a sexual predator, forcing his attention on a child? And even after she found out, what did she do? She tried to hide the guilt by first hiding the girl away with someone and then trying to force her to have an abortion.

Women! The things we do to each other sometimes can be right criminal. This woman is herself someone’s daughter and has a daughter as well (or a child anyway). How could she let that evil go on and then try to cover up for her husband? Does she not realize that a man who will repeatedly rape someone else’s child will not spare his? Or would she be willing to look away in such a case?

This is just so maddening.

As much as we can help it, we need to know who we send our children to and when you have someone else’s child living with you, know that the burden of care is greater.

My prayer for John Bull is that he will be found, sent to jail and rot there. If the same thing he did to the girl happens to him there…oh well.


Source: Woman, nurse arrested while aborting 12-year-old’s pregnancy | Punch Newspapers


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