3 Bad Habits To Ditch Before Summer Hits

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The warmer months are fast approaching and that means it’s time to look and feel our best. Summer is all about making the most of the weather, and that usually means socializing. With that in mind, we usually start a crazy diet to get our bodies in shape. This year, take control of your bad habits instead. Get rid of these and you’ll look and feel ready for the sun…


Yo-Yo Dieting


yoyo dieting - bad habits to ditch


Just because it’s summer and we want to look our best, it doesn’t mean we should start a fad diet. The problem is we’re motivated for a few months and then we put all the weight back on. These kind of crash diets aren’t sustainable and sooner or later we’ll go back to our bad habits. What’s more, we’ll feel terrible during summer because we’ve starved our bodies of what they need! Avoid yo-yo dieting around this time of year. Instead, focus on a few bad habits you want to get rid of.


Snacking on the wrong food is a bad habit most of us have been guilty of. So many snacks are packed full of sugar and salt, which means they’re not good for us. Try making your own snacks at home rather than buying them. This is guaranteed to make them healthier, plus you can control the quantities. Homemade granola bars, smoothies, and fruit salads are all good ideas.




bad habits to ditch - smoking


It’s a good idea to try and ditch your smoking habit before summer too. Summer is all about socializing and being active. Smoking means you’ll frequently have to leave restaurants, bars, or cafes to get your fix. It also leaves us feeling breathless when we take part in activities. To make the most of your summer break try and do away with this habit. Vaping is a good way to gradually quit. The lack of smoke makes it a more social habit too. Click here for some more information about vaping and how to save some money.


A Bad Skincare Routine


bad skincare routine - bad habits to ditch


It’s so important to have a good skincare regime in place for the summer months. The warmer weather can be particularly tough on our skin. So if you’ve neglected your skincare throughout the year, you’ll want to ditch this bad habit before summer. The most important thing is to protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s UV rays are extremely damaging. Over exposure can lead to a loss of elastin and collagen, which helps keeps our skin smooth and tight. It can even lead, more seriously, to pigmentation, and cancer. Keep your skin protected by incorporating an SPF into your routine. Also, try and opt for a foundation which has SPF in it too. Next, try and tone down your makeup routine. Summer is about letting your natural skin shine through. Some sheer foundation, bronzer, and a touch of mascara should be all you need.



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