3 Delicious Salads To Kick Off Your Week

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At Coral, we are pretty much all about healthy living, glowing skins and self-development. What better way to live healthy than eat healthy (by eating a lot of salads)?


The other day, I was craving a bowl of salad and I went online for a little inspiration (because I’m a little internet dependent). The search engine came up with such good looking results that I thought to myself, I have to share some of these.



I screened the list to only include ingredients that we in Africa can easily have access to. The ingredient list is also included so you know if you will have to rush to the store to prepare these or if you are allergic to one of the ingredients (very possible believe me).

Here are 3 mouth-watering salads to kick off your week:


Bacon and avocado macaroni salad

This particular dish looks so creamy and delicious. The fact that it has macaroni makes it feel more foody than salady. I would definitely be trying this.

What you will need: avocado, macaroni, black pepper, kosher salt, lime, mayonnaise, olive oil. Get the instructions for this salad here

beacon and avacoda macaroni salad


Asian style cobb salad.

Just by looking at this salad, you can guess what I love so much about it – the shredded chicken. When did salad get this interesting? The salad I grew up with was cabbage and carrot with a lot of mayo – maybe cucumber and sweet corn if you get lucky. But this kind of salad, I could eat this every day. Another point for this salad is that it has both protein and vegetables – delicious and healthy.

What you will need: eggs, carrot, tangerine, lettuce, onions, avocado for the salad. Sesame oil, sugar, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce for the vinaigrette (dressing). Get the instructions for this salad here

asian style cobb salad


Caprese avocado salad

Avocado is starting to look like the secret ingredient for super tasty salads. And hey it’s avocado season here so why not? The bold mozzarella placing makes it even more attractive. If you are cheese lover, this one is for you.

What you will need: balsamic vinegar, mozzarella, brown sugar, olive oil, chicken, black pepper, tomatoes, avocado and leaves.

caprese avocado salad


You may you have deducted from my salad list, that I’m a little meat biased. If you are looking for a more veggie based salad, go here and here


If you try any of these salad recipes, please tell us how it tastes or by all means send us a sample.


Images: Damndelicious


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