3 Signs Your Relationship is Holding You Back

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We all like to think of our relationships/partners as complimentary to us – the yin to our yang, the Curtis to our Beyoncé or whatever celebrity couple you fancy right about now. But no matter how strong the attraction or passion is, sometimes our relationships work against us, sometimes they hold us back.


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In an article (8 Signs Your Relationship Is Holding You Back) on Women’s Health by Jenn Sinrich and Moira Lawler, they list 8 ways to know when your relationship is doing more harm than good, – when it’s holding you back. Here are some of the signs I found interesting:


He doesn’t give a damn about your goals

If your goals don’t align with that of your partner or he blatantly disregards them, then there’s a problem. Even though these goals may sound realistic, it’s not his place to make you feel bad about them.


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Your partner always points out your flaws

Are you in that relationship where you are reminded constantly how crooked your nose is or how much of a terrible cook you are? If his criticisms are not humorous to you then it’s time to bid that partner bye if you still want your self-esteem intact.


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You may tell yourself he’s trying to make you feel better but he’s not. He’s trying to make himself feel better by hurting you.


Your partner asks you to give up what’s important to you.

Constantly making sacrifices in your relationship? These things you have to give up may start small and healthy for you like giving up cheeseburgers and too much TV. Next thing you know, you’re also getting rid of your 6-year-old Labrador and your best friends because they too are apparently not good enough for you.


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“You need the social and emotional stimulation of friends and doing things outside the realm of your relationship to be happy,” says Claudia Six, Ph.D., relationship coach and author. “On one level it can feel comforting to have your relationship be your everything, but people need breathing room…”


Any of the above signs is not very good for your relationship – if it’s hurting you, it’s not one you should be in. To see more signs that your relationship is holding you back, visit Women’s Health





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