4 Pretty Cool Drinks You Can Make With Guava

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Fruits come and go – sadly they are not all oranges and cucumbers that can be around all year long. So while particular fruits are in season, it’s wise to make the best out of them – literally.


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Guavas are in season right now and in honor of that, here are 4 pretty great cocktails you can make with guava juice. But first, here’s how to make guava juice:

Rinse the guavas, blend into a smooth pulp with a blender (be careful not to blend the seeds), strain out the seeds, add a little water if it comes out too thick.


Now for the cocktail recipes:


Island Girl Cocktail

Ingredients: cranberry juice, guava juice, vodka, ginger ale and fresh lime. Click here for instructions





Aloha fruit punch cocktail

Ingredients: water, ginger, guava juice, lemon juice, chopped pineapple, sugar and apple juice. Go here for instructions




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Lotus Flower

Ingredients: tequila, guava juice and mint leaves. Go here for instructions


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Or if you are feeling rather unwilling to pull out all the stops for a cocktail drink, you can make a Guavka which is just as it sounds – guava juice with a splash of vodka.


PS. We are not all professional bartenders with jiggers, shakers and strainers lying around the house so you may have to improvise a little. 6 Oz is about the size of a regular glass cup so if the instruction says 6 Oz guava juice and 2 Oz vodka, you know you’re putting a full cup of juice and 1/3 cup of vodka.


That’s all for guava cocktails! Let us know how yours turn out.


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