4 Reasons You Should Allow Your Kids Watch Nick Jr.

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There are so many animation channels out there these days and not all of them are for kids. If you are not aware, it would be easy to let your kids watch cartoons not suitable for their age. Luckily there are channels dedicated solely to children.

Nick Jr. (DSTV channel 307) is a sister channel to Nickelodeon that targets children within the ages of 2 and 6. Nick Jr. shows are themed and intended to educate your kid in different ways. Asides a heightened moral compass, here are 4 reasons you should allow your kid watch Nick Jr.


It is educative

This channel airs programs that teach kids simple mathematics, identification of objects and simple spelling. Kids can learn all about the forest by watching Go, Diego, Go! and can learn about professions and words associated with them by watching Bubble Guppies.




It sharpens problem solving skills

Your kids would definitely learn to solve problems by watching Nick Jr. The channel is highly interactive as some of the toon characters pose a problem and 3 possible solutions, then turn to the screen and ask viewers which is the right solution. When questions like these pop up, you should encourage your kids to answer. It would make them more likely to open up in the classroom.


Your kid might just learn a new language

My niece and nephews learned a few words of Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer, Dora and Friends and Go, Diego, Go!


Encourages team work and cooperation

Nick Jr. constantly shows a group of friends or siblings sticking together and solving problems, thereby encouraging them that there is value in team work. The programs also encourage friendship. Shows like Paw PatrolLittle Charmers  and Blaze and The Monster Machines emphasize the power in teamwork.


paw patrol Nick jr


So next time your kid asks nicely for cartoons, tune to Nick Jr. and encourage them to participate






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  • May 25, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    yes one of my favorite for my kids

    • May 26, 2016 at 12:37 pm

      Same here, Mabel. Thank you for commenting.


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