4 Super Delicious Fries Recipes You Should Try

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No matter the strict diet you are on and how much you assure yourself that staying off fried food is for your good, every once in a while, we all crave some double fried potato with extra greasy triple bacon, triple beef, triple cheese burger. And on some days, it’s okay to honor those cravings – Lord knows we earned it. Except you are on a strict doctor recommended diet; in which case you should probably stop reading.


Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest


For those days of intense fried food cravings, here are some extra greasy fries’ recipe to satisfy you.

PS: Almost all the recipes include large amounts of cheese


Cuban fries

A plate (or two) of fried potatoes with cheese, bacon, ham and mustard ought to satisfy your cravings. Get the recipe here





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Loaded Philly Cheesetsteak fries

Delicious dish with potatoes, lots of vegetables, steak and mushrooms. If only vegetables could counteract the amount of calories we ingest; that would be a blessing.



The fries used in this picture  (Alexia roasted Crinkle cut fries) comes crinkled but you can use regular potatoes. Get the recipe here


Oven baked sweet potato with fry sauce

Lovers of sweet potato, this oven baked potatoes with sauce made of mayo, ketchup and lime juice is just right for you. Get the recipes here




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French dip mac ‘n cheese smothered French fries

This mouth-watering dish is definitely a must try. Get the recipe here




To see more delicious potato recipes, go here


Which one of these recipes would you try?


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