5 Signs You Are Suffering From a Negative Body Image

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Are you happy with your body? If you are like most women, the answer is a big fat No. Lots of women want to be healthy and lose some weight; that does not automatically translate into a negative or poor body image.

What is a negative body image?

Body image is the way you interpret your physical appearance and this is defined by several factors. For most of us, our body image is formed early from our parents and family members and the way they spoke to us about our bodies or spoke about other people. Over time, this perception is influenced by culture, which might not even by ours.

For most of us, our body image is formed by what we see on TV and in magazines and as a result, we find it hard to see the truth about ourselves.

body image

What are the signs that you have a negative body image

1. You are constantly weighing yourself on a scale or taking measurement of your body

If you find that you are consistently obsessing about your body and how much you weigh and whether you have lost or added one kg, then you probably do have a poor body image.

2. You always compare your body to everyone else’s

A woman who is two-three times your size walks by and you immediately begin to wonder if you are that size or maybe bigger…this is a sure sign that you have body image issues.

3. You feel the need to constantly cover up

No sleeveless dresses or tops. No short skirts. Everything has to be free flowing to the point of baggy…this could be a style choice but more often than not, it is a way to hide your body because you are not happy with the way you look.

4. You feel shame

You struggle with being ashamed of your body. This is usually the case for women who were once slim and have added a bit of weight.

5. You are not happy with the person you see in the mirror

You look in the mirror and dislike the person you see there and even when everyone tells you how beautiful or gorgeous you look, you do not believe them.

Poor Body Image

Can you identify with any of these? A negative body image does not only affect your self-esteem, it is dangerous to your health. You could be sabotaging your health without knowing it. It is time to start seeing your body in a positive light.

We will discuss the danger of a poor body image and what you can do to change it in another post. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts. Do you know anyone suffering from a negative body image?




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