5 Tips to Help You Get Organized

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I am one of the most disorganized people I know and yet, when I have to search the entire house for a handkerchief or one of my earrings, I can literally feel my stress levels soar. It just drives me crazy. So, I did not need a prophet to tell me that I needed to get organized, somehow. Emptying my suitcase of clothes to find one camisole was just not working out for me.


I woke up one day and knew that enough was enough and decided to get organized. If you are like me and you are wondering how to get organized, here are a few tips:


Have a Place for Everything

Honestly, this is like the first rule of getting organized. You must have a place for everything. You should have a place for your shoes, school bags, plates and cups. Have a single place for your undies and camisoles too. Don’t just leave things everywhere and anywhere. Make sure that you know where each item in your house goes.


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Tip: Have a basket in your kitchen for your napkins and kitchen towels. Click here to learn how to roll your towels.


Put Everything in its Place

It is not enough to have a place for everything if you do not place things there. Let the people in your house know where each item belongs and get used to putting things back in their place. If you have a spice rack, each time you take out the thyme, be sure to place it back in the spice rack. Do not leave things lying around.


Pick Up as You Go

Get into the habit of picking things up as you move around. On your way to the bedroom from the sitting room for instance, pick up the shoes lying around and put them in their place. Going to the kitchen from the bedroom? Carry that cup with you and put it in the sink.


Re-Use Old Containers


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I don’t throw away empty peanut butter and jam jars. I wash them out and use them to store things. So an empty peanut butter jar houses my Knorr cubes and sits on my spice rack. In the same way, I used an empty custard bucket for my garri. If you have several jars or containers like that, be sure to label them each time you use them.


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Pair Clothes Together

This is what I use for the children’s clothes, but it also works for adults as well. If you have a nice pair of trousers, look for a top that goes really well with it and hang them together. Do that for at least 5 outfits so that they are ready to wear.


Getting organized is not a day’s job, it is an on-going thing. But it is a time saver and will also preserve your sanity.






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