5 Ways to Date Your Husband Online

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5 Ways to Date Your Husband Online

The fact that your partner is far away in another land does not mean you cannot have fun and date each other. Our being in this internet age, with video chats like Skype, Imo, Viber, kik and face time (mentioning a few) helps bring us nearer.

In this article, our intent is to help get those creative juices flowing. It is our earnest desire that you create deeply intimate moments with these 5 ways to date your husband online!

Dinner for Two

For this special date, all you need is some money and the internet. Everything is in your control; the setting, ambiance, meal, and even the music.

Set up your dining room or bedroom if you prefer (for privacy) using candles and any other thing you wish to use to create the atmosphere and you either cook or order in and get the date on. On his end your partner will have his meal and both of you eat and enjoy each other.

Movie night

If both of you like movies, this is an idea you would enjoy. Technology has really simplified this by the availability of; iTunes, Netflix live streaming and Amazon Prime, both of you can watch the same movie while video chatting and eating snacks.

For those of you who do not like movies, but enjoy funny clips, you could browse on you tube and share those laughs together.

Alone Time

Plan a time and meet via chat. This will be where you both simply gist about nothing and everything. This is a date and not time to complain about your individual issues, but to focus solely on each other and the love you have for one another.

5 Ways to Date Your husband online

Gaming Date

A few of us love games and our partners share that passion. Board games like Scrabble, Chess, Checkers and Monopoly are available to play online. Get the app register and you can find each other and play together.

The secret to really enjoying it is keeping your chat on as well, so that all the fun talk that happens when playing will be experienced.

Reading Date

This is for the novel lovers. Choose a book that you both really want to read and set a date to talk about it. Those discussions would turn to really memorable experiences down the line.

There are apps (like Wattpad) and sites (like Freebooksvampire.com) where you get free books.  Amazon allows you share a Kindle book with another reader for up to 2 weeks and Nook does as well. And of course, there are public domain classics you can enjoy.

For all of these, try and build up the moment by sending messages of anticipation to your husband to add to how special the date will be.



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