5 Ways to Be Happier

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Several years ago, Gretchen Rubin began documenting her experiments on how to live a happier life. She called it The Happiness Project and published a book with that title in 2009. It grew to become a movement with people in several countries putting into practice daily habits to achieve happiness in their lives.


The belief is that every person can learn ways to become happier by developing awareness about the choices we all make in the face of day to day challenges.

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If you are like me, you already know that you can choose to be happy each day. But it does not always happen that way. There are days you try so hard to be happy and it’s a struggle. It’s a hard struggle just to even pretend to look happy. We’ve all been there. I have been there.

But we do not need to remain there. There are things you can do to help you live a happier life each day.


How to live a happier life

Most times, happiness is tied to mindfulness. Living in the present. The tips listed below will help you release happiness in your life by living in the present.


Embrace Music Therapy

Music has the ability to evoke memories. Pick a selection of happy and upbeat tunes; music that helps you feel happy with life. If you can’t listen to music, you can sing a song hat evokes happy memories. Singing a song that conjures pleasant memories has the power to increase your good mood. It is an instant mood enhancer.


live happier with music


Okay so you probably do not want to hear that word. But, exercise is not the enemy. It is just physical activity. It can be as vigorous as a run or as fulfilling as planting bulbs in the garden. What it does is increase the secretion of endorphins into your system. Endorphins make you feel good. Your mood lightens and you also can see problems from new angles that give a clue to how they can be resolved. Oh, and you get fit which makes everybody happy.


Have fun

Don’t take  life too seriously. Learn to have fun and live in the moment. Watch a funny movie. Take a walk. Do something you really enjoy. Laugh with your friends. Totally immerse yourself in it. Don’t think about tomorrow, just right now.

live happier with exercise

Be open to new things

Many people get upset because they don’t think that they are good at anything. If you are always doing what you have always done, then you won’t get a chance to discover what else you like and are good at. Take a step out of your comfort zone. Try cooking classes, swim lessons, painting or anything else you have longed to do. You may not be perfect (perfection is overrated) but you will be glad you put in the effort.



When you turn that frown upside down, your happiness meter starts to rise. Just making a goofy grin in the mirror or at a friend will get you a grin back. It may make you laugh or not, but it will definitely get you thinking positive thoughts.

5 ways to live a happier life


Are you trying to find your measure of happiness? Sometimes you have to look no farther than you to discover new ways to shine in your life.


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