5 Ways To Wear Denim Dungarees

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Can dungarees make a comeback already?


Dungarees are so cool – my maybe unpopular opinion. Denim dungaree is just the perfect outfit to throw over a tank top or a tshirt. Right now, our favorite ones are those that show a little skin here and there.


Though it’s not quite summer here, it’s summer in other parts of the world and dungarees make pretty great summer outfits don’t you think? If it’s not summer where you are, you can wear them long.

Below are a couple of our best denim dungarees


Dungarees and crop top

For the hip and trendy looking to show a little toned abs, try wearing a crop top underneath the dungaree.






Short dungarees

Fun day at the beach coming up? Or any kind of hangout with friends? Switch your floral dress or whatever item you were planning to wear for a short denim dungaree. Pair with sneakers or a pair of heels if you are going for a touch of class.



Baggy dungarees

If you are looking to be more than the girl who wore dungarees to a party, try being the girl who wore baggy dungarees to a party. Pretty sure no one can beat that.


baggy romper


Distressed dungarees

A little rip here and there never hurt nobody


ua2dk5-l-610x610-romper-outfit-denim-summer-dungarees-summer+dress wheretogetit


Dungarees and a tee

A lot of people opt for wearing a white tshirt or tank top beneath their overall but there’s no law that says it has to be white. You can wear grey,pink, stripes, any color or pattern that pleases you.







To be honest, there’s no one way to go about fashion. You can pretty much wear your dungarees with only a bra underneath and before you know it, it’s a trend.


Images: Pinterest


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