6 Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Children

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We are deep in the middle of the long holidays and even if you traveled for the summer, there are days when you will be stuck indoors with bored children and no idea what to do. Instead of sticking them in front of the TV constantly, here are a few games you can play with them.

Card Games: Card games are a wonderful way to spend time indoors and are challenging to young minds as well as old ones. Bring out a pack of good old Whot cards and have fun with your children.

Board Games: Board games are always a favourite and they provide a lot of fun for the entire family. Stock up on games like Snake and Ladders, Ludo and teach your children about money and investment using Monopoly (Get the Lagos edition here).

Simon Says: This is an old game and a favourite one too. Most of us probably know it as ‘Mummy Says’ and it’s a lovely way to have fun. Gather the children together in a circle or a straight line and Simon (this could be the parent for the first round) stands in front of them and goes ‘Simon says…’ and whatever Simon says they should do they have to do. So you can go ‘Simon says jump up!’ and they all jump. If you give an instruction without saying ‘Simon says’ then no one is to act. Anyone who does is out of the game. The last person remaining becomes the next Simon.

Freeze: Freeze is a common game in children’s parties. Play music that your children like and get them to dance then pause the music. Ask them to freeze as soon as the music stops. They have to freeze in whatever position they find themselves. Children usually have a lot of fun with this one and there is much laughter.

Treasure Hunt: This is a fun adventure game, which your children will love particularly since there will be treasure (something nice) at the end. Hide clues around the house with each clue leading to the next one. You can write them down on pieces of paper or draw them (for younger children). On the other hand, if you have older children, you can hide money in different parts of the house and let them search using clues.

Hot Potato: Get the children to sit in a circle and pass a potato around (you could use any other object for this). Turn on music and let them pass it as fast as possible. Once you pause the music, the person holding the potato is out of the game.

Playing games with your children is important for bonding and for teaching. This is a great way to pass information and virtues in a fun and relaxed environment. Lessons learnt this way often last a lifetime.





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  • August 20, 2015 at 10:55 am

    wow,really needed dis as my kids are bored already n i’ve forgotten all dis games.thanks

    • August 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      Glad they were helpful. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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