6 Tips for Entrepreneur-Moms with Little Children

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Running a business and a home is not easy and it is even more of a challenge when you have children. When they need your attention, they need it immediately and don’t understand that Mummy has to work. My toddler pries my hands off my laptop when he wants me to carry him and most children can be demanding that way.

However if you run a business you have to find a way to give time to your business without depriving your children of your attention. Here are a few tips that have worked for me:
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have someone you trust who can help you with some task or babysit the kids for you for a few hours a week, grab that help with both hands!

Be jealous of your time. Guard that time like it is the fountain of eternal youth! If you have just four hours a week to work, use those four hours to work. Let those around you know that you are working.

Be firm and learn how to say NO (sometimes).

Have a work space and utilize it. You should have a small corner which can serve as your office and when you are there, you know (and eventually your children will come to know) that you are working.

Learn to work from anywhere. As a Mom, I use the time when I’m watching cartoons with my kids to answer emails, go on social media and post in forums, etc.

Be flexible. Have standards and adhere to those, but learn to be flexible too. You can‟t plan everything in life and when you know that you might have to give up your time once in a while for other more important stuff, it will help ease the stress.






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