7 Ways to Improve the Look for Your Makeup

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Are you one of those people who feel like their makeup never looks right even after following a makeup tutorial? This is because makeup gurus often do not share the essentials of good makeup. They simply show you the process and forget to emphasize the importance of particular practices.

For example, how often do you find a YouTube makeup artist telling you to make sure that all your brushes are freshly cleaned and dried before launching into the demo? Not often at all, right? But, if you take classes from a reputable makeup academy, this is one vital practice that instructors impose as a habit, especially if you wish to become a professional makeup artist.

So, if you are looking for techniques to help you create the seamless makeup looks that you want, it’s imperative to learn from the real experts. There truly is a big difference in the way they do makeup compared to how makeup enthusiasts create looks. With their techniques, your makeup will look flawless and last for a long time. To get you started, here are some of the best tips and tricks from a top editorial makeup artist in Dubai.

1. Sheer out makeup products at the back of your hand before applying to the face

makeup tip 1

You probably often see so-called makeup artists tapping their brushes on a palette or blowing at the brushes to get rid of excess products, this is a good but wasteful technique. It’s good because, for better blend-ability and buildability, it’s better to start with very minimal product.

However, you’re kicking off a lot of excess to the air.

On the other hand, putting the products and sheering it out on the back of your hand first, you will get a better idea of how opaque the product is. You’ll be able to adjust how you pick up the product and your application technique appropriately. And, you can still pick up most of the excess product from the back of your hand to put on your face.

2. Use a small paddle or flat brush for concealer application

Tip 2

A flat brush lays down concealer more evenly on intended locations, and you can make sure that you are only applying the right amount of product on all the areas that wish to conceal. If you use the applicator that most concealers come in, you always get more product than you actually need.

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Another advantage with a small paddle or flat brush is it can apply the product in tight corners around the nose and make feathering out the edges much easier.

3. Use a powder puff when applying setting or finishing powder

Makeup Tip 3

The Beauty Blender and big fluffy brushwork as well, but if you want a smoother, velvet-like finish for your skin, it’s better to use a soft powder puff. And when you do, work the product into the puff well.

Dab the finishing powder only on places that get oily fast and where you see product breakdown often. Avoid the cheeks though, especially if you will be using a powder blush.

4. Apply contour powder from the hollows of your eyes and connect it to your nose line

Tip 4

One of the most common mistakes that even long-time make-up lovers create is not connecting the eye contour to the line of the nose. This creates a more natural-looking contour. A lot of people prefer to connect the nose line to the eyebrows, but doing this achieves a more drawn-on effect, and it can likewise make the contour look harsh.

Opt for a lighter contour colour for this makeup technique, especially for everyday makeup. Plus, do not lay it on too heavily because the contouring will look too obvious, particularly if you have an oily T-zone.

5. There’s no need to contour and highlight your cheeks all the time to make features stand out

Makeup Tip 5

It has become a common belief that to make features stand out, you need to contour and highlight. The problem is, quite often, as the hours pass, contour and highlight can look more intense and murky due to oxidation. Therefore, if you want your makeup look to look fresh much longer, try opting out of contour and highlight.

Instead, focus on the strategic application of blush. Combine a peachy and pink blush to emphasize your cheekbones, as well as to create a natural flush for an entire day. Place the peachy colour on the outer perimeters of your face and forehead. Then, concentrate the pink blush on the sides of the apples of your cheeks. It’s better to apply blush in a wide manner to prevent harsh edges and gradually diffuse the colour slightly under the eyes and toward the nose.

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6. Curl lashes and falsies while the mascara is still a little wet

Tip 6

Curling lashes when the mascara’s still a little wet is a big no-no for many, but this trick is quite effective in make lashes and falsies look like one and your natural lashes. Just curl ever so slightly though because mascara holds shape anyway.

The curling part is easy, you just press to make your real lashes and the falsies come together – it’s the release that’s a little tricky. To prevent your lashes and falsies from sticking to your lash curler during the release, wiggle or move the curler in a zigzag motion to make the hairs come loose more easily.

7. Use a long-wearing light lipstick colour instead of a lip liner for overlining

Makeup Tip 7

Overlining the lips is such a popular makeup trend and typically, you use a lip liner for the job. This is fine but if you want the look of your lip colour spreading outward in a warmer and more natural tone, use a long-wearing light lipstick in a warm, dark, beige colour instead. Apply the lipstick with a brush and make it combine with a darker shade for the inner centre of your lips.

This lipstick trick will not only create a nice gradient effect, but it will also provide you with fuller, juicier-looking lips – no need for fillers.

There’s no questioning that flawless-looking makeup can give you that punch of confidence you need. The pro’s tips shared above are simple to follow, so, try them and you may finally be able to create those beautiful makeup looks that you were initially struggling with.

Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines around the world including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. 


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