7 Ways to Navigate the Glass Cliff

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The glass cliff, a phenomenon that resides in the same neighborhood as the glass ceiling, is yet another hurdle to success for women looking to rise to leadership roles in their careers. While the glass ceiling is a very familiar career barrier to success that keeps women from reaching the top ranks in corporations, the metaphor of the glass cliff describes what all-too-often happens when a woman is actually elevated to a senior role, only to fail.

This glass cliff is a symbol for situations in which women executives are appointed to leadership roles in a corporation when business is doing especially poorly. In such turbulent times, women are more likely to fail, apparent in the fact that women CEOs are 45% more likely to be ousted from CEO roles than men.

So why bother to take on such precarious leadership positions in the first place? It’s possible that similarly qualified men feel comfortable walking away in the face of such a risky role, but a woman might feel as if it could be their only opportunity at a top role, and ultimately be worth the risk. Fundera has put together an infographic with steps on how to navigate the glass cliff— check it out below. 

What is the Glass Cliff?

Source: Fundera.com


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