A Review of the Radio Drama – Kadara Town: One is Enough

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Mallam Sule sends for his daughter Amina and informs her that she will be married to a man as the second wife. Amina tries to tell her father that she wants to go to school and be a doctor like her older brother, Hassan but her father shuts her up. She is told that she has no choice.

Heartbroken and filled with grief, Amina is determined that she will not get married. So she runs away. When her father finds out, he threatens to throw Amina’s mother out of the house. When Hassan finds out, he confronts his father who is disgusted with his son for not standing by the right thing. Hassan tries to explain to his father that at 13, Amina is too young to get married, but Mallam Sule counters that with the argument that he married Hassan’s mother when she was just 11 years old. Hassan pleads for his sister.

Amina’s older sister is at home, sent away from her husband because of her urinary condition as a result of a prolonged labor. Because of her condition, she had helped Amina to escape and go into hiding. Hassan finds out where Amina is hiding and hatches a plan. Listen to the audio drama below to find out more.

Question: How much education should female children have?




Kadara Town is a radio drama produced for UNICEF by the African Radio Drama Association (ARDA)



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