Adesua Etomi-Wellington On the April Cover of Vogue

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In a world where borders no longer seem relevant, Vogue’s Gabby Wood features 14 actresses who represent a new world order. And Nigeria’s Adesua Etomi-Wellington is one of them.

Of course, it’s caused quite a stir on social media particularly as Etomi-Wellington was on the April cover of Vogue.

Now, we don’t need to say it but, we will anyway. This is huge. Not only is it Etomi-Wellington’s first Vogue cover, it is the first time for any Nollywood actress.

Clearly, this is emotional for most Nigerians. It says that our film industry is now recognized worldwide. But it also says much more than that.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington on April Vogue

I love, love, love Nollywood…I feel like she’s my baby, and it’s my responsibility, along with a lot of other performers, to grow her.”

Adesua etomi-wellington

Beyond Borders

Interestingly, the name of the feature article by Gabby Wood is beyond borders. The article featured women from different parts of the world. Women who did not let their geographical location limit them. Wood notes profoundly that, “We live in global times, and these are the faces of the new world order,” she said.

And, we completely agree with her. For Nollywood and the rest of the world, Adesua Etomi-Wellington indeed represents a new world order.

Vogue Magazine, April, 2019

Excerpt of Adesua Etomi-Wellington’s Interview in Vogue

Below is the excerpt from the April issue of Vogue Magazine.

The Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington can’t walk down the street in Lagos without getting mobbed, and if she’s with her husband, the actor Banky Wellington, forget it—a trip to the grocery store launches a thousand selfies. But unlike some of her cohorts on the shoot, she’s more of a third-culture kid, born in Nigeria and raised mainly in England. (She speaks in two fluent accents—Lagos and the British Midlands.) She went to school in Coventry, studied drama at University of Wolverhampton, and then got a nine-to-five job with the fashion arm of a large supermarket chain. It was then that, as she puts it, “I can’t explain it—I felt I had to go back to Nigeria.”

That was toward the end of 2012, and in the past six years or so she has become one of the biggest stars in Nollywood, Nigeria’s relatively young film industry. The Wedding Party (2016), a colorful and witty romantic comedy in which she plays the lead opposite Wellington, was the highest-grossing film in the history of Nigerian cinema, until it was eclipsed by its sequel, which also starred Etomi-Wellington. In fact, she points out, of the four films that have done best for the relatively young industry, she is in three. “I love, love, love Nollywood,” Etomi-Wellington says brightly over tea and biscuits at the shoot. “I feel like she’s my baby, and it’s my responsibility, along with a lot of other performers, to grow her.”

Adesua Etomi-Wellington shared the news via Instagram where she expressed excitement. We love the fact that she did not leave out the other women who were featured.

Read the full article here.


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