Advice for Busy Mothers From Arianna Huffington

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Advice for busy mothers


Being a mother can be overwhelming sometimes. To be truthful, it is overwhelming most of the time. Dealing with 3 children and everything else gets me to a place where I just want to sleep and keep sleeping for an entire week. But we all know that with little children, that is off the cards. When I’m looking for advice for busy mothers, I’m careful who I listen to. For me, it has to be someone who has successfully juggled motherhood and a career or business without completely shortchanging the children.


All the other stuff is important, but the children take priority. This article contained a short interview with Arianna Huffington, and has practical advice for busy mothers. Read excerpts below:


On the never-ending To Do List


“There’s always going to be your to-do list. But you also need a gratitude list. Every single day, write at least three things you’re feeling grateful for.


The more gratitude you have for all of the people and things you have in your life, the more grace you’ll extend yourself for not ‘getting it all done’. Focus on what you achieved each night before bed, not on what you didn’t manage to do.”


On the constant feeling of guilt


Arianna’s advice was to honor what we want and not what others or culture wants from us. According to her, “When mothers give birth, the baby comes out, and the guilt goes in!


She points out the importance of knowing when we need to recharge. We do not have infinite energy levels and if we do not take the time to recharge, we will burn out.


This really resonates with me because each time I have to leave the children i suffer from a feeling of intense guilt…even when I know that if I do not take some time away, I will crash.


On the importance of Sleep


Arianna has always been big on sleep and how important it is for all round success. She stresses the importance of having at least eight hours and a half hour of sleep.


I do not get enough sleep. If I get six hours of sleep in a night, it will be a beautiful day. This is something that is hampering our well being as women…getting sufficient sleep.


The article has some sound advice including tips on how to get enough sleep at night.


Being a busy mother means that you are going to deal with so much on a daily basis, but it is possible to achieve a semblance of balance.





Source: Huffington Post


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