Baltic Amber: Your Mother’s Best Advice

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Growing up, I had your typical “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle. It was different times back then and that meant that there wasn’t ever a day that I came home and didn’t see my mom waiting in the kitchen with an after-school snack. She was the caregiver. Hungry? Mom! School project? Mom! Boy problems? Mom! That also meant that when I fell ill, my mom was there waiting to make me chicken noodle soup and get me on the mends. I trusted her. She was as reliable as they came.


baltic amber


When I became a mom of my own, I found that I didn’t know the first thing about making my family better. In the middle of the night, with a teething baby on my hip, I called my mom and asked her what she did all those nights when we wouldn’t stop crying. I had tried everything. Orajel, teething toys, a little Whiskey on the gums, nothing had worked!


I was at my wits end and I needed relief for the both of us! My mom told me about amber. At first I was hesitant. After all, I was looking for something proven to work and preferably fast working. I got off the phone and rocked my baby to sleep and then I slept on what my mother said. She had never been wrong before, but maybe she had fallen off her rocker a bit.


The next day I researched amber stones and their healing benefits. I trusted my mom and her advice, no matter how crazy it sounded. What I found not only supported what she had told me the night before, but it was actually something that has been notoriously known in the homeopathic community for centuries. Baltic amber is as old fashioned as it comes!


Baltic amber gets its name from the region it’s found in. This particular amber is located in forests near the Baltic sea where the environment is dark and damp, allowing for conifer trees to grow. This is where all the magic happens, so to speak. Sap is collected from the conifer trees in the region and then separated from the resin and created into amber stones. The resin contains succinic acid, which is the key component in amber’s healing properties.


When worn, your body heats the amber bead, pulling resin out of it’s porous surface, and absorbing it into the bloodstream. The succinic acid chemical components acts as an anti-inflammatory, mood stabilizer, and is packed with antioxidants, making it a great way to boost your immunity naturally.


baltic amber


When shopping for a Baltic amber necklace, you may realize that they come in a variety of colors. Does the color change it’s healing benefits? The answer is no. Each color of amber heals the same problems, the same way. Amber can be found in various shades, starting with your lighter ones like lemons and honeys and then progress into your darker shades like your cherries and cognacs. The only time color matters is when you’re purchasing a polished bead. This is because the surface of the bead makes it harder for the heated oils to seep through the bead and absorb into the bloodstream.


If you plan on purchasing a polished bead, I would suggest purchasing a lighter variant of amber, as it contains higher traces of succinic acid. If you’re buying a raw bead, however, the porous surface means you can buy your darker shades and still get the same effects. You can find just what you need at


My teething baby has been wearing hers for three weeks now and hasn’t jarred me awake with her inconsolable screams since we put it on her. Her drooling has reduced, her gum inflammation has gone down, and overall she is in a better mood.


It doesn’t surprise me that my mother’s old fashioned advice, was nature’s best advice. My family is on their way to boosting their immunities while curing everyday ailments along the way! Thanks, mom, and thanks Mother Nature!



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