Is This Really the Most Beautiful Lipstick in the World?

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A particular beauty brand (Kailijumei) has been trending on social media and is been  tagged the “most beautiful lipstick in the world” and I thought I’d see what all that was about.


The lipstick looks clear and jellylike and it has a flower right in the middle of it – like a flower trapped in a glass vase kind of thing. That’s not all: it also has gold flecks scattered all over the body . When you think about it, it is kind of amazing as the lipstick is clear but appears in a different color on your lip.


kailijumei lipstick


A Youtuber (Dina Tokio)  ordered the lipstick, opened it and tried it out for everyone to see. Apparently, it took seven good weeks for her to get her order which several buyers consider reasonable as the product is shipped from China.


These lipsticks are reportedly selling faster than the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and there are lot of fakes around so it’s best your order from their website at $15 – $30 a pop.


kailijumei lipstick 3


I like the product for its aesthetic value (hello flower and gold flecks) but as far as lipstick goes, it’s not the best I’ve seen (on the lips that is). Plus one of the sticks bought by Dina Tokio read “Flame Red”  but was bright pink when she applied it.


kailijumei lipstick - 2


As far as looks go, I totally get the appeal.




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