Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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When we think about beauty, we tend to think about makeup, fashion and accessories – both for hair and jewellery. But what if we were to look at beauty in a different light; what if we took someone being beautiful to mean more than just how they look visually? If we weren’t able to see their face, how would we still be able to come to the conclusion that they are beautiful?


Look Within


Even the most pretty girls can be ugly. You just have to take a look at their personality. Don’t judge somebody by their social media account; what they do on their day to day is completely different to how they portray themselves in real life. It’s something that quite a few of us are still needing to be able to comprehend.


Afro American beauty


Look Around


We probably aren’t gazing out at the world with the right vision. This isn’t necessarily due to our sight – although a good optical health check is always needed. If you have glasses that aren’t quite working for you, or know that your vision is low, look at lasik eye surgery and its alternatives to be able to put yourself right again.

Going back outside the box, it is more so taking things for what they’re worth rather than what we expect them to be. If we know that something in front of us is blue, we are assigned to thinking that it’s blue and that’s that – but there’s so much more to discover. What shade of blue is it? Does it represent any feelings to you? Would it look good in your house?

It’s the same with people – don’t just write them off based on what they look like. There is so much more to them. They’re not just a colour, as banal an explanation as that may be. Look deeper and see what you can see.


Afro haired beauty


Look Inside Yourself


It is important to decipher whether someone is good or bad, but this usually has more to do with what is inside of you. It takes a lot of time and effort to change yourself, especially if you are in the routine of judging those around you. You get to see how much better life is when you take that element of judgement out.

Assessing somebody on their looks can be damaging not just to them, but to yourself also; it’s a direct representation of your self-esteem and character.

When we are younger, we are taught only to say nice things or not to say anything at all. We lose this as we get older, especially when we get into a close circle of friends where gossip can fly around at the speed of light. It’s time to step away from the circle and make your own.


inner beauty


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; only you yourself have the power and the opportunity to make everything around you beautiful. Utilise it. It’s the only chance that you’ll get to do it, and you’ll feel so much better for it.




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