For Him And For Her: Best Gifts Of 2017

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So whether you and your partner have an anniversary coming up, or you just feel like you want to declare your love for them, there are plenty of gift ideas on how you can do that. But rather than just getting something for him, or for her, why not come up with some creative ideas on how you can both benefit from the gift as a couple?

If you like this idea, keep on reading for some ideas.


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Before you think it – no, we don’t mean get their name tattooed somewhere on your body! Let’s be real, that’s just a silly move. What you can do, is have a couples tatt, which means deciding on a logo or phrase that best represents your relationship, and have it put on your skin. This can be something as silly or as random as you wish, and doesn’t necessarily have to go on the same area of the body either. No one has to know, other than yourself and your other half – making it a hidden bond that you both share.



Jewelry is a lovely gift to get someone in general, but it’s an intimate kind of present, that’s why it is so popular in the love area. Offering your other half a promise ring, or a necklace that they wear everyday is a wonderful symbol of the love you have for them. Name necklaces to be exact, are brilliant for this because you’re able to choose a design and style you like, and then customize the name or words to suit you. So for example, you can have one another’s names, or the date you first met, or even a phrase that you share together. You can’t get more personal than that.


best gift ideas for him - jewelry


Date night jar

An awesome idea for you both is to pick up a mason jar or something that’s a decent size and write down as many different date ideas that you can come up with. Don’t tell each other what you’re writing (it doesn’t matter if the same thing pops up twice). You could also color coordinate the dates too, so for example, the blue pieces of paper means it will be something adventurous during the day, while pink means it’ll be something fancy, and purple means something at night. That way when pulling out a date, you’ll have some sort of idea to prepare yourself.


Fine dining

Who doesn’t like to eat out at the occasional restaurant? It gives you both the perfect excuse to dress up really fancy and put to use those cuffs or those diamond drop earrings. Regardless of where you actually go and what you eat – just being in a different environment is lovely enough. You can talk about whatever you like, throw compliments at each other, and have a laugh together while eating delicious food and drinking marvelous wine, reminiscing about the first time you met and the first date you ever went on, and the first time you said I love you…



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