5 Bra Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Bras are complicated. Buying a bra is stressful and washing them is time-consuming. Women tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to their bras, right from buying them to maintaining them. It just takes knowing what you are doing wrong in order to get it right. Here are some common bra mistakes you need to avoid in order to make peace with the complex garments once and for all.

Mistakes and bras

1. Wearing small bras

Many women have their identity tied to their cup sizes and they are resistant to go up in a cup size so as to go down in band size. You could be wearing a 36C while your measurement could be 32. This means you need a bra that is 32E. A large cup is not a character flaw. When you bring down the back band size, your cup will sound huge to you but with larger cup size, your bra will fit you better.

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2. Choosing bras based on the cup size

There is a misconception amongst women that a bra should be chosen on the cup size. However, this is not right. You need to start with the numerical band size. Your cup size is related to the band size. Cup size is not standard which means you could be a D with one band size, but E with different band size. Let go of the cup size and you will find the best bra for yourself.

how to wear your bras

3. Wearing one bra with all outfits

You simply cannot do this! There are some dresses which need a perky shape while shirts would look better if the breasts sit flatter and lower. You can wear The Feather Bra beneath your t-shirts and shirts while you can opt for a bralette under a jacket. Try different bras for different items of clothing to ensure that you are wearing the best bra possible.

4. Fastening the bra on the tightest hooks

When you measure the band size, it should be according to the outermost hooks and not the innermost hooks. Your bra will stretch about three inches in its lifetime and that is when you will need to use the next set of hooks. Always buy a bra that fits easily on the last set of hooks.

Wearing your bras right

5. Keeping a bra for very long

If you wear the bra correctly and take care of it correctly, it will last you about eight months. After that, the band is stretched out and it is not going to support you. You always need to have five to six bras in the wardrobe at a time so that you can rotate them and make them last longer.

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Next time you are out shopping for a bra, keep these factors in mind when choosing a bra for yourself. Do not simply settle for a bra that sort of fits you but does not fit perfectly. Now that you know where you are going wrong, you can use a measuring tape to get the right size in terms of band and the cups.


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