Charming Interview with Kehinde Young-Harry

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Remember Kehinde Young-Harry of Newsline on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)…have you ever wondered what became of her? We bumped into an interview with Kehinde Young-Harry on Vanguard and we were so delighted by what we read that we just knew we had to share. Here are some excerpts from the interview below:

How do you spend your days now? What do you do?

I take care of my grand children. I do the school runs, take them to parties, have their friends’ over and they also go over to their friends’. It’s just generally seeing them evolve. It keeps me young and energetic. It also gives my daughter and her husband time for themselves because we live in a society where marriages are like two a penny; people don’t really care about their family. The wife is doing her thing, the husband is doing his thing and they meet when they have to. There is no family time; children are left with the nannies to look after. Nannies and drivers are the only adult presence in their lives. I didn’t do that to my two daughters. I am rather opinionated; I want my children to know what their values should be. And I think that I know that after being on this earth for this long, I should know what a child should be like at different stages of his or her life and I want to be a part of that. It is exciting.

Interview with Kehinde Young-Harry

What was it like, in your time, coping with motherhood and balancing family life and career?

It was not easy but I had a wonderful mother, so I wasn’t plagued with the feeling that I was ignoring my children while they were growing up. My mother was a gem, a real diamond. I couldn’t have asked for a better support. She made it easy; I could do my job, concentrate on my job and still be with my kids. No matter how much you pay nannies, no matter how good you are to them, the gap is still there; because, they are not a part of your family. What they do is what you asked them to do. A lot of them don’t put that extra effort into it.

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