Cotton Tree Petroleum Jelly Review

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Cotton Tree Petroleum Jelly is a body butter. Petroleum jelly is quite popular around here particularly because of the dryness of our harmattan. However, since there are different brands in the market now, one could easily get confused about which one to use, hence this review.

cotton tree petroleum jelly


About Cotton Tree Petroleum Jelly


The one I used is the cocoa butter fragrance. This is what is in the product description:


“Cocoa butter fragrance. Works to heal dry skin and helps to protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Also ideal for protecting skin from wind burns and chapping.”


I bought mine during the harmattan season and discovered that it was soft and easily absorbed into the skin. It was not greasy like most petroleum jelly products and the children did not have that shiny look that is associated with petroleum jelly. This means that it protected the skin, but did not attract dust. When the children used it in the morning, they were good to go till evening, so I did not need to constantly rub on more petroleum jelly on their skin.


What I Liked


I liked that it was smooth and silky and that it had a long-lasting effect. I also liked the fact that the entire family could use it without a problem. Then it did not have that shiny glow which a lot of petroleum jelly products have – it was a big deal for me.

Cotton tree petroleum jelly review


What I did not like


Cotton Tree Petroleum Jelly is made in India. This was a problem for me and probably why I have not purchased it again. As a family, we are making some effort to cut down on our non-Nigerian purchases particularly of goods and products that can be found here. This might not be a problem for you though and if you are looking for a really good petroleum jelly, you should try Cotton Tree Petroleum Jelly.




On the average you can get the 226g jar for N600



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