DAY 12: Ask God to Give Him Confidence

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I pray for my husband, God please give him the confidence he needs to face life on a daily basis. Whatever has stolen his confidence, I ask that you restore it. Any situation, past and present, that is giving him low self-esteem, please turn it around. Help him to know that true confidence comes from you and teach me to have confidence in him.


A lot of men go around with very little confidence; they mask it by being loud and brash. They raise their shoulders as they walk and are ready to pick a fight at the slightest provocation, and then they come home and yell at their wives. This is a sure sign of no-confidence. Then there are those who seem too laid-back; they are not willing to try anything and are extra-sensitive to what people say or do. Same thing…no confidence.

You need a man you can rely on; someone you can trust to take care of you and your children and if he has no confidence in himself, it’s hard to have confidence in him. But even as you’re praying, let me tell you a secret…

YOU know who you are deep inside the secret places of your heart where no one can see; you know your limitations and the detestable things you are capable of, AND YET God has a hundred per cent confidence in you. So you need to turn around and have 100% confidence in your husband and show him that you have confidence in him. This means trusting him and not always questioning every decision he makes.

Ask God to help you.

Yes, he has made some stupid mistakes…

True, he has not shown himself to be someone you can rely on (or maybe he has)…

Whatever your situation, ask God to bless your husband with confidence. Then become God’s representative on earth by showing your husband that you trust him and NOT because he has done anything to deserve it. That is faith.

When you know things are not as they should be, but you trust God enough to know that HE will turn things around and so you begin to act as though they already are the way you wish them to be…FAITH. And believe me sisters, faith moves God to act.

A confident man will not hit his wife. A confident man might yell at her, but he will apologize and get his act together. Notice that this is not self-confidence, but it is the confidence that comes from God… That quiet assurance that he can do all things and face anything. That serene knowledge that nothing can overwhelm him because he has God…ask your Creator to do this for your husband.






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