DAY 19: Pray Against Distractions

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I pray against anything that will distract my husband from following you God. Give him a strong desire to serve you. I ask that you will make him a man of God who is focused on God, his family and his business. Take away from him the things (or people) that are there merely to distract him and do not help him move forward in any way.


It is not everything that looks good that is good for a person. It isn’t every open door that we are meant to walk through. Some things might be perfect for another person but will only serve as a distraction to your husband. Pray that God will keep those things away.

Pray that anything that will take your husband’s mind off God and away from you and your children will not come near him.

Look, distractions come in many forms and sometimes they are packaged so beautifully that even you will encourage your man to accept them. Pray that God will give your husband a spirit of discernment so that he will be able to identify those things or people that will only lead him off course.






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