DAY 20: Pray Against Temptation

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Almighty God, I ask that you keep my husband from temptations. Deliver him from anything that is out to tempt him. I pray that you deliver him from strange women who are there to steal his destiny. Give him the strength and courage to run away from whatever looks like temptation.


Everywhere you look, there are things that have been set up and designed to tempt men and even for men that do not wish to be tempted, these things are inevitable. A foolish man stays and tells himself that he is strong enough to withstand temptation, but since you have already prayed against the spirit of foolishness in your husband, ask God to cause His wisdom to wake up in your husband.

Pray that your man will stay away from places where he might get tempted. If he has friends or colleagues or anyone who is a source of temptation to him, ask God to remove that person (or those people) from your husbandโ€™s life.

NOW, pray that you will never be a source of temptation to your man. Many women have led their men astray by pressurizing them to do things which only lead them to trouble. Pray that you will not be that type of wife to your husband.






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