DAY 24: Pray About His In-Laws

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I pray that my husband will find peace with his in-laws. Dear God please let love and mutual understanding grow between them. Teach them to love and respect him like a son and teach him to love and honour them like parents. I ask that he finds favour before them so that they will do whatever they can to ensure his success. I ask that if there is anyone in my family that is working against him, Lord turn it around and let that person (or people) begin to work in my husband’s favour. If there is any broken relationship, please heal Lord.


A man’s in-laws are important and they can either be a major source of blessing or a big headache. Too many men treat their wives’ parents as though they are not important and are rude and dismissive to them. This can bring a curse.

Pray that God will teach your husband how to honour your parents. Ask that he will heal any acrimonious relationship that exists between them.

Some in-laws too do not help matters, refusing to acknowledge the fact that their daughter is now under authority and that she can no longer be at their beck and call. Pray that God will give your parents understanding and wisdom in relating to your husband.

Ask that love will grow between your parents and your husband.






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