DAY 28: Ask God to Give Him Long Life

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Oh God I ask that you preserve my husband’s life. Give him long life dear Lord and do not let the enemy cut short his life. I pray against untimely death. Any plan to cut short his life or to make the rest of his life unproductive, I ask that you frustrate it. Lord I pray that he will not die, but will live to fulfill all your plans in his life.


You have spent the last four weeks praying for your husband and asking God for all sorts of blessings in his life. Now it is time to pray that he will live long to reap the fruit of your prayers. Pray because when God begins to answer your prayers, you are the one that will enjoy the finished work.

The enemy does not like to see us prosper and when your future is bright, then you can expect sabotage. Pray against the spirit of death. Declare that the spirit of death will not come near your husband or near your household, but will pass over you.

Pray against any sorcery, witchcraft, illness, accident … anything that conspires to kill your husband. This death could be physical, mental or spiritual…no death will come near your husband. If they have a history of early death in his family, pray and ask God to end it her and now. It will end with your husband. No early death will afflict him.

Pray that your husband will not only enjoy long life, but he will thrive. He will see his children and his children’s children. He will live long and live strong. His health will not fail him.






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