DAY 29: Ask God to Give Him Peace

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Dear God, I ask that you please give my husband peace. Not just any kind of peace Lord, but the peace that comes from only you. In the face of the storms of life, I ask that you give him extraordinary calm. Don’t let the cares and burdens of everyday life weigh him down, but teach him how to rely completely on you.


It is not easy being a man. A man is responsible for the welfare of his family and this can cause many men to lose their peace of mind and their sleep. Pray that no matter what he is facing your husband will have peace of mind.

There is a special kind of peace that can only come from knowing God…knowing that he has everything under control. Ask God to give your man that kind of peace. This is not the peace that is as a result of not caring, no. This peace defies logic.

Pray against anything, anyone or any circumstance that is out to steal your husband’s peace. Ask God to trouble trouble for your husband’s sake.

If your husband is not at peace, you will have no peace yourself and this can also affect your children. So pray for him and pray for peace. Pray that not only will he have peace of mind, but that your home will be peaceful for him.






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