DAY 30: Praise God for the Man He Will BE

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Father God I thank you because you have been faithful. Thank you because you have never let me down. I praise you for all you have been doing in my husband’s life…for the changes I know you have been working. Thank you for the man I know he will be – a man who fears you and wants to please you. Thank you because I can see things turning around for my husband’s good.


It is not easy to thank God for what you have not seen. In the past 30 days we have all been praying. You might have seen changes in your husband…positive changes and that is wonderful. On the other hand, you might have been praying faithfully and yet seen no changes. Whatever your story is, just thank God.

Thank God for taking you through this journey. I am sure you have seen changes in you and in your attitude towards your man. That is a good thing.

Thank God for every prayer you have made on behalf of your man. God is working. You may not see the evidence yet, but He is. So praise him for the man your husband is becoming. Praise him for the positive changes you will see in your man.

Have faith and praise God for everything.






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