DAY 9: Ask for Wisdom

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God please bless my husband with WISDOM so that in everything he does, he is able to act wisely. Help him to always discern what is right and take decisions that will have a long lasting positive impact on his life and that of his children.


A person without wisdom is a foolish person. Pray that your husband will not be foolish. Foolishness leads a man into all kinds of trouble, which will eventually affect his family.

A man that does not fear God is foolish. The fear of God makes a person wise and keeps him from making decisions that will have long lasting negative consequences.

Wisdom helps a man to fully understand a situation, process it and make a decision that will turn out right for him. Wisdom is what teaches a man right from wrong. Wisdom is what shows a man which way to go and which to avoid. Wisdom is what will deliver your husband from scams and 419 activities.

Pray for your husband that he will be wise. Ask God to bless your man with wisdom so that he always takes decisions that will work in his favour and for you and your children.






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