Detoxify Your Soul

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detoxify your soul

Have you ever thought about the need to detoxify your soul? Detoxification flushes out harmful toxins from the body and clears it of stuff that could be harmful to your general well-being. In the same way, it is important to take out time to flush toxic stuff from your soul so that you can live a full life, more like spring cleaning for your soul.

How do you detoxify your soul?

There are certain things, negative emotions and harmful feelings which fester and become poisonous to us. For the most part, you cannot help your feelings. We all get angry and have feelings of resentment. Sometimes, we even feel twinges of jealousy. Those feelings in themselves, while negative, are not totally harmful or poisonous. What makes them toxic is when we allow them to fester and then they begin to seep into every corner of our soul.

There is a saying that bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. That is just silly. As ridiculous as that sounds, it is the state many people find themselves in today and if you search very well, you might discover you are also living in this state.

We live in a world where we are forced to negotiate personal relationships on a daily basis and that means that people will offend you as much as you will also offend some others. The problem is when you hold what someone did to you and refuse to let go. You probably have a right to be angry and bitter; maybe the person really hurt you and betrayed your trust. So you are determined never to give that person another chance and to stay as far away from the person as possible. When anyone brings up that person’s name, you have only terrible things to say about him or her and you cannot seem to forget all the evil that person has done to you. It is as fresh as though it were yesterday.

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What is really happening though is that you are stuck in that moment of hurt. While the other person has probably moved on already, you can’t seem to get past the hurt which sometimes keeps you up at night. So you are losing sleep, peace of mind, and the forgiveness of God because you can’t let go of the hurt.

Who are you doing?

It might be hard…it probably is the most difficult thing you have ever done, but it is time to let go. Detoxify your soul of the stuff that is slowly poisoning and killing you. Let it go.

Spend some time alone and think of all the negative feelings and emotions that have been crippling your growth. Acknowledge the anger, bitterness, resentment, jealously…whatever. Own it. This is the way you feel and you know that it is not helping you one bit. Own it and then hand it over to God. No matter the religion you practice, forgiveness is a key tenet. Make up your mind today to forgive all those who have hurt you, including yourself. It is time to detoxify your soul.





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