The Epic Reason You Cannot Afford to Give Up

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Do not give up


During the weekend I watched the animated movie, Epic with my children and learned why ‘do not give up ‘ should be your new motto. Epic is about a man who believed that there was an advanced civilization of tiny people living in the forest. He could not prove it, he had never seen any of this tiny people and there was no evidence to backup his belief. But his belief was so strong that he had devoted his life to studying this. In the process, he lost his career and his wife left him, taking their only child with her.


Several years later, his wife died and his daughter came looking for him. When she could not get his full attention, she also decided to leave. That was when it happened. She met the tiny leaf people and was drawn into their world. Her father had been right all along!


Unfortunately, the thought that he had lost his daughter a second time was just too much for the man to handle and he decided to give up. He finally believed what everyone else had been saying about him.


As I watched, several thoughts went through my mind but what I kept thinking was how can he give up now?


He was so close…so close. He had believed all these years. He had given up so much and then just when his years of research was about to be proven right, he was giving up.


I thought of all the times I had believed in a dream, worked towards that dream and then just when it became too hard, I gave up. And I realized something.


It is at the point where you think that you just can’t hold on or believe a second longer…it is at that point that you are about to break through the struggle to the realization of your dreams.

You have worked so hard and sacrificed so much. Do not give up when things become tough because it is usually at that point that everything you have worked so hard for is about to come together.





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