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Face Yoga. Is that even a thing? Yes, yes it is and it will interest you to know that it is being hailed as a natural anti-ageing process.

So, we all know that it’s going to be almost impossible to exhaust all the anti-ageing products out there. From creams, oil serums, and so many others. They are so many and each new one is hailed as the miracle. The one that will finally deliver on the promise of firmer and younger-looking skin. The one that will miraculously get rid of the laughter lines and reduce blemishes on the face. Yes, that one.

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But, the thing with these potions and creams is that they are expensive. And, that’s not the worst. When you think of some of the toxic stuff they contain, it’s hard to even imagine. Oh and guess what? They also have harmful side effects. So, the best thing is to opt for the natural, inexpensive alternative.

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Hence, face yoga. And actually, with the global coronavirus pandemic forcing people to stay home, face yoga has become a thing. Yeah, you heard that right.

Face yoga
Demorris Byrd on unsplash

Okay, so what is face yoga?

Good question, face yoga is like your face going to the gym. It is not toxic, not expensive and you get to do it yourself. It is a natural process of relaxing the face, the face also needs some workouts too you know. There are a lot of muscles in the face that need to be exercised to keep the skin on the face well-toned and sculptured.

How do I do face yoga?

To get perfect and permanent results you need consistency so here are six simple steps for you to try on this video.

Is it effective?

Yes very effective. Its natural so no side effects to your skin

How often do I do it?

Good question, it should be done once in a day otherwise you will stretch the skin and the muscles in the face and you wouldn’t want that.

And you know the most interesting part is that you can do it anywhere, you don’t have to spend money and it is something you can do yourself. Let us know if you try it out.

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