Viva La Pasta! 5 Fancy Ways to Eat Spaghetti

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Spaghetti is one meal that is super easy to spice up and have fun with – either you are eating it with regular sauce, bolognese or just making spaghetti salad.


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Here are some pasta recipes you should try if you are looking to cook some really elaborate Instagram-worthy meal for that special someone (which could very well be yourself):


Be prepared though, most of these dishes require some really fancy vegetables like zucchini and arugula


Spiralized spaghetti salad

This well garnished looking foot-long dish may make you crave a foot-long burger. This meal looks so good, I’ll probably be more inclined to frame it than eat it. Go here for the recipe



Arugula and roasted pepper pasta salad with poppy seed dressing

Just by looking at this meal, I already feel 30% healthier. Easy on the eyes and the body – double benefits. For this meal, you’ll need basil and arugula leaves, tomatoes and several other ingredients. Go here for the recipe.


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Spaghetti Corn Salsa {Vegan}

Chefs definitely love their corn. This fancy looking dish is for those looking to stay off beef and the likes and those willing to give anything a try. Go here for the recipe


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Spaghetti salad with Italian dressing

This pretty little dish doesn’t require as much ingredients as its fancy counterparts. You will need mayonnaise, pepper, Italian dressing, spaghetti and onions – pretty basic ingredients. Go here for the recipe.


Spaghetti with pesto and veggies

This is some fancy looking pasta! Go here for the recipe




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