Fashion Lessons From The Lens

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Have you ever had your confidence knocked because of a picture of yourself? Have you set aside clothes you loved because you didn’t like how they looked in said photo? It can be a devastating blow. We have favourite outfits because we think we look good in them. Finding out that isn’t the case is, understandably, difficult.

But, photographs like these have a multitude of lessons. And, if we want to make the best from a bad situation, we should learn what they teach us. That way, we can at least honour the lost clothing with some items which work better. Before you can do that, though, you have to work out what it is about the snap which leaves you not satisfied with your image. Which means returning to the scene of the crime, and considering these pointers.


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Photo by Aaron Burson on Unsplash


Is your outfit really the issue?

Next time you look at the photograph, consider whether your outfit is the issue. You don’t want to discard a dress because of something else entirely. Consider everything, from your posture to your smile. If you’re hunched, your outfit doesn’t stand a chance. Put it on again and sit up straight to see how much difference it makes. If you don’t like your smile, it can offset everything. Look at other pictures to see whether there’s a common theme here. If yes, turn to a company like Smilelign who can solve the issue, and let your outfit live another day. It may even just be that you don’t like the angle. Often, seeing ourselves from a perspective we don’t usually spot can be confusing. Consider how the photograph was taken.

Your colour choices

If you’ve looked at all the above and still think your outfit is to blame, consider what you don’t like about it. Often, it’s the colour choices we have issues with, rather than the shapes of our clothes. In photographs, out of place colours stick out like sore thumbs. If you’re wearing something bright which doesn’t flatter your skin tone, you’ll see it in a photograph before anything else. You may well love that gorgeous red cardigan, but there’s a lesson to be learned in your red face. Once you’ve identified why that colour doesn’t work, you can set about finding tones which suit you better.


fashion, photograph, red jacket
Photo by Tolu Bamwo


The shapes you wear

The absolute worst case scenario here is that you find it’s the shape of your outfit which doesn’t flatter. This can be an issue because the majority of us buy clothes based on the shape we think suits us. By finding out that favourite top isn’t as flattering as you thought, you throw your whole wardrobe into question. The thing to do here is to remain calm. Take a long look and consider what it is about the shape of that particular top which doesn’t work. You may just find that the ruffles don’t work, or that the three-quarter length sleeves look wrong. Then, you can move forward avoiding details like these.


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