Find Your Beautiful Self After Weight Loss

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When you lose a lot of weight, you should feel amazing about your newly svelte figure, and yet, for so many people, shedding all the weight is just the start of their journey. After so many years of neglect, your skin may sag in unattractive waves across your body and you might find you continue to avoid mirrors.


But don’t give up.


Losing so much weight is an incredible achievement and you should be so proud of yourself for your determination and ability to change for the good of your health. Having pushed yourself further than ever before to reach a healthy weight, you should love your body. And you can.


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Look in the Mirror and Smile

When you’re feeling low, you really don’t want to be looking in mirrors, and yet, with the right mindset you can use those very mirrors you have been avoiding to build your confidence. To start with – and yes, this will feel pretty weird – you should write yourself confidence boosting messages using lipstick or something similar. Hey beautiful!


The aim here is to see the words and say them out loud as you look at yourself in the mirror. Give yourself a big smile and your will quickly find yourself smiling back. And don’t stop there – choose a beautiful high quality mirror for the best reflection and have a look at how your are holding yourself. As you become aware of your hunched, embarrassed shoulders pull them back, stand tall and be proud. Look at you – you look amazing!

Opt for Plastic Surgery

Of course, everyone has bits that they aren’t so fond of, but when you have lost a lot of weight, the excess skin can really get you down. There isn’t a natural way of getting rid of it at this stage but you can opt for a tummy tuck to smooth you out and rediscover those fantastic abdominal muscles you have. The tummy tuck is one of the most common procedures practised by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, along with liposuction to shift any stubborn pockets of fatty tissue.


For many people plastic surgery is the best way to achieve a body that they can be really proud of and truly love. It must be worth it if it finally brings you back to yourself.


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Take Photos of Your Journey

If there is one thing that everyone who plans to lose weight should do, it is keep a photo diary of your progress. It’s not about the before/after shot, it should be more about how you are becoming the person you want to be and how your lifestyle is improving. Smile in every picture and look your best.


Your body is so precious and unique to you, keeping a record of you have pushed it to its limits and achieved so much is a fantastic way to document how amazing your body really is. As you continue to take pictures, you will see just how beautiful you are and how beautiful you always have been.


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