Fun 10 Minute Dance Workout [VIDEO]

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We found this great 10 minute dance workout for those who need some exercise in their lives. We all want to be fit – or at least some of us dream of becoming lean, fit, fighting machines. However it takes a lot of work, and we mean LOTS of work. If you are not into that sort of work, then forget about being a lean fighting machine and let’s just focus on being fit.

dance workout

An adult should have at least 15 minutes of exercise to the point of sweating 5 days a week. That way you keep fit, stay healthy and scare away all sorts of diseases from your body, like high blood pressure and heart related diseases. If you’re like some of us and you have just a few minutes each day, then this 10 minute dance work out is just perfect for you.

The instructor, Kaeira LaShae is fun, sassy and a great coach. Wish we could get her to be our in-house coach. We probably can’t though but her videos are the next best thing and trust us, you will sweat.

What we love about this workout?

Everything really. We love that you won’t need any equipment for this so staying fit is all about you. Also they are great for beginners. Her moves push you but only just a little and if you are a pro, you can amp it up (she shows you how).

Oh did we forget to mention that it’s fun? You will definitely pick up some killer dance moves by the time you’re done, which is a bonus.

So if you have not yet done your morning workout (or you were not planning to workout at all), watch the video below and get moving. It’s only 10 minutes and by the time you’re done, it will be 10 minutes of exercise that you didn’t have before.



You can visit the Be Fit Youtube channel for more videos.




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