Fun Places to Visit With Your Family this Easter

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Holidays are the best times to bond with your family and create memories.  Kids usually look forward to the holidays as it’s the time they get to see new places, eat all the candy they want, have fun and make new friends. Easter is near and you may be thinking of fun places to spend time with your family. Well, look no further, here are five family friendly places you can visit this holiday.

Yankari National Park, Bauchi.

If you are looking for an up-close mother nature experience without having to venture into the wild forest, Yankari National Park is for you.  With the fresh green vegetation, clear blue springs, view of animals, hills and rocks, the park has a very natural view and the feeling of being out in the wild but without the danger of getting mauled. There are various kinds of animals to be seen here  like giraffes, elephants, lions, buffalos, pythons, crocodiles and many more. Yankari is a great place to watch the birds; over 300 species have been sighted around.

fun places to visit - wikki springs Yankari Game reserve

The park also has five springs which make for an excellent view and provide refreshing breath of air. You just may be lucky enough to watch the elephants as they come to drink from the spring. Yankari has a flat-top hill from which the entire park can be seen. This trip will also afford you and your family the opportunity to try new food.

Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort, Abuja

Wonderland Amusement Park and Resort is opposite National Stadium, Abuja. The entry of this park bears some semblance of a palace  that would remind your kids of those Prince and Princesses movie they see so much on the TV. It has a restaurant, a garden for relaxation, a restaurant and an arcade complex.

fun places to visit - Wonderland-Park-Abuja



Nike Art Gallery, Lagos.

This is a place to go with your family if you wish to show your kids the value and beauty of art. The gallery has about 7,000  African art works in all forms – wooden sculptures, paintings, metal work and much more. If there is any sleeping artist gene in any of your family members, it’s sure to wake right up after this visit.

Nike Art Gallery at 5 stories tall, is the largest art gallery in West Africa.

The Mall

The mall is a great place to take your kids to have all the fun they could possibly have in a day. The mall offers a variety of games for kids and adults, a number of known fast foods offering beautifully dressed meals and hard-to-resist sugar products and stores selling  trendy clothes, toys and other items. The mall offers an equal opportunity of adult and kiddies fun. You could  all go see a movie while eating popcorn, laughing or crying at the pictures on the large screen. The Mall is sure to be filled with families looking to have a good time. Your kids just might make new BFFs.

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta.

Olumo Rock, one of the many tourist destinations in Nigeria is a sight to behold. If you are not going for the giant rock with footprints and evidence of past dwellers  within, go for the museums displaying African art and celebrating African history and culture, for the rock climbing,  the water fountain, the archaic market filled with local artisans and definitely for the view of Abeokuta from the top of a beautiful old rock.

Whichever place you choose to visit, you are bound to have a fun-filled and memorable Easter.



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