Fun Things to do with your kids During a Lockdown

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In most parts of the world, there is a lockdown. Because of the coronavirus, we all have to stay home. It’s the only way to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. But, staying at home for weeks on end with hyperactive kids is challenging, and can severely test your sanity.

After you’ve played all the board games and watched more TV than you should, what next? Here are 10 fun ideas for your kids and you can use what you already have at home.


Lockdown treasure hunt/shape hunt:

Hide things around the house and let the kids find them. It could be treats or their toys. Make it fun and something that will appeal to their age. 

For the shape hunt, you could cut out shapes or better still, let them use their imagination to find shapes all around the house. This could also be letters, numbers, etc.

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Kids indoor gym

You can turn your living room into a kids gym and have fun. Ensure that is age-appropriate. it will be more fun if daddy and mummy can join. you can also use mattresses for summersaults.

girl searching books
Treasure hunt

Balloon party:

Everyone loves balloons. So having a balloon party is not a bad idea it is something everyone can do.

Life-size drawings:

This will help the kids to be more creative. Just place pieces of papers on the floor and ask them to lie down on it, then you draw with a pen. After this everyone gets creative because you will paint and add accessories.

Play hide and seek:

After playing this am sure your face will hurt from laughing so hard. You will be surprised at how your kids can play detectives.

lockdown hide and seek
Indoor hide and seek

Go camping in the living room:

very simple just make tents in your living room and pretend you are in camp.

Have an indoor picnic:

Just get a mat, your food and snacks and all other things you will need for a picnic and enjoy in your living room.

Make paper planes and see whose planes fly faster or a paper boat and make it float on water.

Clean out your closet:

Use this time well to clean the mess in your closet it will be fun play music and sing along it will make it easier.

Rearrange and redecorate your living room:

Add more spice to your living room and give it a new look.

Finally, this lockdown is a rare opportunity to create experiences that will last a lifetime.


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