Funke Daramola Does Not Think You Are Good Enough

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I have always maintained that our problem as women in this country is not the men or even the laws. Our problem is us. When a woman who should know better states that she does not believe in equal rights for women and does not support the equal rights bill, then you know that we still have a long way to go.


In an interview with New Telegraph, the Nollywood actress, Funke Daramola stated that women can be domineering and sentimental and that we are not as detailed as men and so for such reasons, women should not have equal rights. There are her words exactly:


“I’m sorry I don’t think men and women should have equal rights in this case. I think the male should have more than the female, but it should be with proportion, maybe on a ratio of 60 to 40.

The reason why I think so is because we women tend to be extremely domineering when it comes to issues and sometimes sentimental. Men can be detailed even though we are sometimes. So, there are proportions in all these things.

The role of a man can never be over emphasised. Even though I’m a woman rights activist, I still believe in the place of a woman and a man. The man is suppose to be a step ahead of the woman; you can never take that away.”



This baffles me. To what exactly does she attribute women’s right? Is she saying that as women, when we do the same work that a man does in an organization, we are not entitled to the same pay because we are ‘domineering’? Or is she suggesting that when a woman dies, she has no right to the property she slaved for with her husband nor does she have any right to custody of her children?


I am confused.


How can an educated person who is supposed to be a public figure spew such nonsense? The role of a man can never be over emphasized she says, but what of the role of a woman?


See, people let’s not be confused here. It is a woman’s duty to submit to her father and then her husband. No other man has the right to tell a woman that she is not good enough. But that’s not the problem here.


We have a woman – and believe me there are others like her – telling other women that they are not good enough.


And this is wrong. Very wrong.


God did not make woman inferior. He did not make man better than a woman. A woman is NOT a second class citizen of the world. If I can raise my children, keep my household, have a career or business and do a good job of it, contribute meaningfully to the society, then I am equal.


Equality does not mean better than. It means as good as.


You are as good as who you want to be, not who society dictates you are. As for Funke Daramola, the next time she is given a role in Nollywood, she’s free to ask for a pay cut. Let her male co-star be given 20% more than she’s given, even if she is the main star of the movie after all, she does not believe she deserves equal rights.




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