Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

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Deciding to go natural is truly a journey – a long long journey. The first part of the natural hair journey is the TWA (teeny weeny afro) –  a lot of naturalistas find this phase awkward and less fun. But for me it was my best hair days. Yes, the hair really short and it seems like there isn’t enough you can do with it – but there are if you can just check the right places.  Also, it was in those times that my hair hardly ever tangled – I guess it was just too short to tangle. Now with a medium fro, you can’t do a wash n go without having a finger fight with your hair at the end of the day.


Image: Gurl
Image: Gurl


A lot of ladies are not comfortable with just “winging it” with their natural hair but would rather do something creative and glamorous. Well, that’s what Youtube is for.


Image: Notey
Image: Notey


If you are actively searching for ways to style your twa, these videos might help:


How To: Wash N Go on short natural hair

This is  a more complicated version of the wash and go but the end result is perfect.



6 cute ways to style your TWA

Included; The wash n Go, The side Part, Afro, The Sleek slick back, The half up, The back fro.


The Shingling method on TWA

I never got around to trying this shingling despite how lovely it looks. It is a lot of work and your hands would hurt except you get someone to do it for you.



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