Green Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

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Sometime last year, I decided to substitute my normal breakfast fare for a breakfast smoothie. I love smoothies and it didn’t take much to throw different fruits and vegetables into the blender. I didn’t bother with a strainer, I just drank it straight and I loved it.

green breakfast smoothie

The effect was that a couple of months after, I had lost quite some weight, I felt better with myself and my skin was glowing.

If you want to try out a breakfast smoothie, then this green recipe is a great one to try. This is an excellent breakfast smoothie that you can use any time throughout the day as well. Spinach and green apples are your green go-to ingredients here, and this basic recipe is going to yield anywhere between 3 and 4 cups.

green breakfast smoothie recipe spinach

If you’ve never tried spinach in your smoothie, never fear. It does not really have much taste but it is really rich in healthy goodness. Packed with minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids, this particular smoothie is just as nutritious as it is delicious.

green breakfast smoothie recipe banana

Tweaks: If you are new to making green smoothies, it might be difficult to get used to the taste. This particular smoothie tastes amazing to most people, but you can always add flaxseed, Chia seeds, walnuts or almonds, kale, romaine lettuce and any other vegetables or fruits to experiment for just the right flavor. You also may want to add a little more water or another healthy liquid if you don’t like your smoothies thick.

green breakfast smoothie recipe apple

This is a great way to begin your day and the apple and banana in this smoothie means that you won’t feel hungry in a hurry. It is actually quite filling, but if you try it and you feel that you need some more bulk, try adding oatmeal to your recipe.

If you do try out this recipe, let us know. 🙂


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