The #HallelujahChallenge is not a Fad — See the Numbers & Lessons

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#HallelujahChallenge Nathaniel Bassey


Written By Ebenezar Wikina

A lot has been said about the #HallelujahChallenge; there are those who are for it and those who are angry because it doesn’t change the ‘price of Garri in the market’. I’m not here to start another “Has religion saved the world?” argument — which many people have been engaging in these days. I will just show you the numbers, because like they say… “the correct numbers don’t lie”. Of course we’ll also see if there are lessons for us to draw from this as we use social media individually and corporately

During lunch break at work yesterday, I ran a little analytics search on #HallelujahChallenge with my friends at to see how far it has gone and shared my findings on Twitter. Here they are;



10 days into the challenge, more than 515 users have made at least 693 posts on the #HallelujahChallenge. It has reached about 2.8 million people (as at yesterday) and popped up on another potential 4.4million timelines. Wow, right? There’s more…



Related Words are words that have popped up in conversations where #HallelujahChallenge has been mentioned. We can see Gospel Music there yeah? If I’m allowed to, I will advise all Gospel artistes to rally around Nathaniel Bassey because this is bringing prominence to ‘Gospel Music’ globally!



This one is more personal to me, as I’m a mobile media enthusiast — New media folks, you might want to check this out too. We can see that more than half of the people consuming and taking part in the challenge have been doing it via their mobile phones! What does this tell us? Consumption patterns are changing? Mobile allows for a more personal connection — which is why other people have been inviting their friends to join easily via mobile chat platforms like whatsapp adding to the global followership.

It has been said before and I think this buttresses it; the future of media is Mobile.


Twitter people Kwenu! Kwezwenu oh! It’s funny that Nath started this challenge from Instagram Live right? See how all the ‘woke’ Twitter people took over the conversation. Numbers show that more people are talking about the challenge and perhaps joining the vigils from Twitter. Hmmm, interesting.

What does that tell us? Twitter is the place for conversation and trend yeah? Digital Marketers, I’m sure we already know this. But of course this does not mean other social networks are not useful.



About the sentiments, well, since I said let the numbers do the talking. Let us keep walking…

The Demographics (considering gender) is even more instructive. Reminds me of what my pastor, Rev Dr T.O.A Adeleke used to always say on Mother’s Sunday; “Any church that has more men than women…should watch it”.

We can see that there are more women joining the challenge than men all over the world. Does it mean generally women are more connected to God than men? Hey!!! Am I not a man? What am I even saying. Let’s move on…It’s okay.



This, indeed, is my favourite. You see that dark blue coloured space in Africa? Yes that’s Nigeria 🙂 The Great and Mighty Nation that is sharing this revival with the world.

See how the conversation has spread to North America and Europe and Australia and Asia…and today is just 16th June. Imagine what more will happen as it continues.

I’m proud and happy to say this started in Nigeria.



In Summary…. What are the lessons we can draw from this?


1. Use social media wisely!

Many people have done very ugly things with social media (like scamming and abusing people), while some others have done incredible things; like Nath spreading a revival fire around the world with the #HallelujahChallenge and me who, without journalism training (that’s before I went to Journo School) interviewed over 120 global leaders and experts from around the world — including Nathaniel Bassey. Yes, this same social media.

So maybe what you should ask yourself daily is; what ways am I adding value to my life through my social media and the internet generally? How can I make it better? These questions help me to align myself to positivity on the web daily and it sure has made me a better person.


2. Keep it Simple, Life should be Simple

Nath didn’t have to go rent a hall for this, with stage lights and backup singers and he didn’t have to go rent a crowd to look good for the camera, etc. I’m sure he’s been keeping vigils for as long as he can remember. But he decided to switch on his phone camera this time and share it with the world and that’s how we got where we are.

In promoting stuff on social, in living your life, in everything. Just keep it simple. Don’t go and kill yourself for no reason. (most times we do it to impress others) Keep it simple, please.


3. Share your Gift with the World

What is that talent or gift God has blessed you with? Do you plan to take it back with you to God? How are you using to bless others? Have you even discovered it? Books like ‘Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren can help set you well on your path to purpose and fulfilment.

Find that thing you have and share with the world. The world needs it. All of it.


4. Cross-Live Streaming is a good thing

I think Nath stole this idea from me. He’s my big brother so it’s allowed. I’ve always fantasized on the idea of doing an Instagram Live + Facebook Live + Periscope; simultaneously. Yes! Lol. I’m not sure Nath is doing Periscope yet, will tweet the idea at him. But by going Live on Facebook and Instagram he’s bring the users on both platforms to one place — in church this what we call ‘combined service’. Now he had done this. I will do it too.


5. Finally, God Loves us!

The miracles, signs, and wonders that have happened in the past 10 days are much more than what had happened in Nath’s 25-year career as a Music minister. Nath said this himself. Check this blog to see the over 200 testimonies and mighty deliverances God has wrought for HIS people all over the world!

HE loves you, friend. If you’re not yet HIS child HE wants you to come into HIS rest. Much more than signs and wonders HE wants you to surrender your life to HIM. Will you let Jesus come into your life today? Say this short prayer, Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for me. Please Forgive my sins. Please come into my heart. Come and be my Saviour and Lord. Write my name in the book life, and let your Holy Spirit guide me henceforth. In Jesus name, Amen

Okay guys… thank you so much for reading. I wish you a great day. Join us by Midnight for another groundbreaking session of praise and worship to the one and only God.




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