A Few Health Tips All Women Must Consider

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Today we are sharing a few health tips that all women must consider in their daily life in other to remain healthy and happy.
health tips for women

Do floss

This is one of our important health tips. You need to floss in other to keep your mouth healthy, or better still use an electric toothbrush to get into crannies and fight gum disease.

Keep your teeth sugar-free

Always rinse your mouth out after drinking a soda.This will help wash off enamel-eroding acids off your teeth.

health tips - no smoking

No smoking please

Say no to cigarettes!Smoking is a killer for your fertility especially in women who smoke, it may lead to loss of eggs faster than women who don’t.

Create a sleep cycle

Always set your alarm for the time you actually have to get up.Interrupting a sleep cycle to hit snooze will leave you groggy despite the extra’ rest and won’t let you sleep better. If you’re having trouble establishing a healthy sleep routine, find out how a single mom who grew up with no sleep routine, finally managed to create one for herself.

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Be brain active

A way to keep your brain smart is by reading something exciting, start a puzzle habit, exercise. This applies to both physical and mental health.


Know when you’ve had enough

Always bear in mind that every meal is not your last chance to eat a food you love, it will be easier for you to put down your fork when you’ve had enough to eat.

Last but not the least;

Be breast cancer aware

Protect yourself against breast cancer- Seize every opportunity to get to know your breasts, if there are changes if you regularly feel your body, it’s easier to recognize like in the shower and when you’re dressing, walking, running or even when you jump. For a self-check, go through these steps from breastcancer.org.


Let’s all keep these health tips in mind, share with your loved ones and leave us a comment.




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