It All Begins From Your Mind

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What if I told you that you are where you are today because of the things you think about? The life you live now, the one you incessantly complain about? Well, what if it’s all due to what’s going on in your mind? Everything you are…your thoughts, your emotions, your actions…it all begins in the mind.

You’ve probably heard all this before as most motivational gurus always harp on it. But let’s take a moment to pause and really think about it. There is no such thing as a impulsive action because before you do anything, the thought first goes through your mind.

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The flow goes something like this:
The mind >>Heart>>Action

Gain mastery over your mind to gain control of your life

So fears, negatives, etc. happen in the mind. Once you gain mastery over your mind, you can guard your heart. Until you master your thoughts, anything and anyone will have any kind of effect on your feelings and emotions.

The reason why people are able to get to you (their words, opinions etc.) is because of the state of your mind.

The mind is the seat of your emotions and emotions are very deceptive; they do not really represent the truth.

When these emotions take place in your mind, you need to get rid of them before they travel to your heart.

Happiness from the mind

Your main purpose should be to have MASTERY over your life.
Even if you fall, you are to rise and determine to do better.

So the words you say to yourself are VERY important

One thing that most people fail to realize is that when it comes to your life, YOUR words have all the power. You need to speak light (clarity) into your life.

Understand this: everything in your life begins and ends with YOU.

If you have been wallowing in negative beliefs about yourself, it has to stop. It’s time to change the things you believe and say about yourself. The exercise below will help you begin the journey to deconstructing the negativity and fears in your mind.

stone with believe


1. Write down every single negative belief/emotion you have about yourself and confront it. Call each one by name and speak to it.
2.  Write down the emotional needs you have and then face them. Understand that because you are feeling a certain way does not necessarily make it true. 

E.g. You might be lonely, and because of the stuff you’ve been through you often feel rejected and abandoned. But just because one person rejected and abandoned you, does that really define you as a person?

3.  Every issue you’re facing can be traced to a thought pattern. Find the trigger. For instance the belief that you are not beautiful...when did you first start thinking that way? What triggered it and how long has it lasted?

When you work on your mind you begin to flip the script. It’s no longer on you to prove that you are worthy but on anyone seeking entrance or relevance in your life to prove their worthiness.

This post was written by Oyin.
Oyin is focused on helping women come into the fullness of who they are. She believes no one should want to merely exist, but should seek to live and thrive. She is a lawyer by training but has also taken on the role of counsellor for women seeking clarity about their existence and purpose in life. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria with her family.


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